Assorted Bread, Olives
Spices and virgin olive oil
Seafood Paté 
Sea Soup  
Fish and Shellfish Soup
Salad from the Sea Squids, Tuna, Octopus and Shrimp
Mushroom and Asparagus Salad
Shrimp Salad w/ Avocado, Tomato, Purple Onion, Rucula and Nuts 
Raw Kitchen  
Splattered Tuna Carpaccio of Chives and flower of Salt
Cascais Octopus Carpaccio
Trilogy of Ostra - Tartar and Ceviche
Fish Ceviche of the day
Avocado Tuna Tartar in Lime Vinaigrette
Grouper Tartar and Corvina with Manga
Cockel in Citrus flavour
Natural Razor Clams
Clams à Bulhão Pato
Mussels à Fora de Pé
Seashells à Bulhão Pato 
Oyster Bar 
12 Oysters from 2 Seas Aveiro e Ria Formosa
6 Oysters from 2 Seas Aveiro e Ria Formosa
Oysters un.
Great Seafood Platter Fora de Pé 6 Oysters, Prawns; Wool Crab; Shrimp
of the Stone; Mussel, Lingueirão, Cockles 2 pax 
Seafood around (of the season) 
Coast Shrimp with Fleur de Sel
Little Shrimps from Espinho cooked to steam
Shrimp of Mozambique
Barnecles from Cabo Raso
Sea Urchin from Setúbal (when there are)
Small Crab from Cascais (when there are) 
Spider Crab & Wool Crab 
Spider Crab / Wool Crab natural
Lobster & Steamed Lobster  
Boiled Lobster / Grilled
Steamed Lobster 

Seafood from the stove  
Big Rose Shrimp stuffy in own juice with sweet potato
Shrimp from Mozambique in scent of curry and mango with Jasmine rice
Giant Shrimp grilled w/Citrus Sauce, Ginger, Chilli laminate and Sweet Potato
Tempura of the beach - Shrimp, Octopus, Fish of the day and green salad
Lobster crepes with coriander rice 
Fishes from the kitchen   
Stew Portuguese stile with fish and Seafood 2 pax
Seafood rice 2 pax
Fillet of sword with orange and gingerand coriander rice
Fillet of fresh Monkfish with Sauce of three Mushrooms and sweet potato 
On the grill 
Roasted sardines with potatoes and salad (only in season)
Octopus from Cascais to Lagareiro with farm potatos
Cod lagareiro with farm potatos
Grilled squid with farm potatos
Mixed fish with shrimp and mussels with farm potatos 2 pax
Golden / Sea Bass with farm potatos
Grouper post with farm potatos
Fish of the day with farm potatos 
Sliced ​​Loin Steak Fora de Pé and fried potato
Steak with sauce of two Peppers and fried potato 
Vegetable curry with basmati rice
Salad of Mushrooms and Asparagus 
Side dishes 
Basmati Rice
Vegetables of the day
Fried potato
Mixed salad 
Kid’s menu  
Fillets of fresh Fish with Rice
Spaghetti with Tomato
Hamburger with fries
Vegetable cream 
Lemon Cheesecake
Ice cream bowl (2 flavors)
Sweet rice with Indian flavor
Mango tart
Gelly of Red Fruits with Bubbles and cream of Cassis

All products arrive daily from the fish market.
Allergens: Customers suffering from any type of allergy or food intolerance please request information from the dishes to the employee.